Helping Your Child Adjust to Life With Braces

Many kids in Houston start orthodontic treatment in the summer months, and now that they’re back in school, they may feel a bit nervous about their new look. There’s really nothing to be nervous about, especially when braces are more common today than ever before. The Houston Orthodontic practice of Dr. Brad Jennings wants to provide some helpful tips in helping your child feel comfortable with their new treatment as well as ways that you can help them keep their braces looking and feeling their best.

Getting Used to Braces

Your child should know that it won’t take very long for them to get used to their braces. The new technologies in braces allows maximum comfort, even become more discreet than ever. Remind them that they may initially develop a lisp, but assure them that this will quickly go away and they will sound like themselves again.

Keeping their Braces Clean

In order for your child’s braces to do their job, it’s very important to keep them clean. Remind your child to brush their teeth after every meal and snack. It’s also important to floss daily as this will prevent food getting caught in their braces.

There are certain foods to avoid while wearing braces. For example, as a rule, your child should not be eating hard, brittle foods such as candies, hard crust or sticky foods such as taffy, caramels and Skittles.  By adhering to soft foods, your child can also minimize any slight pains that could be associated with having braces adjusted.

Tracking your Child’s Orthodontic Progress

The good news is that changes in your child’s smiles can occur as early as their first wires.  This is a great time to let them know to look for changes in the movement of their teeth. As soon as they see this progress, they will feel much more confident about their orthodontic experience.

Braces: The Best Choice For Your Child

According to the American Association of Orthodontics, every child should be seen by an Orthodontist by age seven.  What better time to bring them to our Houston Orthodontist practice for a free exam and evaluation.  Dr. Jennings will spend as much time needed to evaluate their smile and determine the best course of treatment.  In summary, you will find out everything you need to know including cost of treatment.  So why wait, schedule your child’s orthodontic exam today!

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