Helping you choose between Damon Metal Braces, Damon Clear Braces, and Invisalign Clear Aligners

The rewards of orthodontic treatment are many. If you find yourself being embarrassed, or covering your mouth when you smile, you will experience a whole new freedom in having a smile that you will want to show off to people everywhere! So whether you are correcting an overbite, under bite, or uneven gaps and spaces, orthodontic treatment will definitely improve your daily life.

However, choosing to get your teeth straightened is just the first step in a series of necessary decisions. The procedure requires you to choose a system for straightening your teeth, precisely, where our orthodontic experience is important. Jennings Orthodontics in Houston uses Damon, Damon Clear, Invisalign, and Invisalign Teen exclusively.

Here are several factors that can help influence your decision:


The brackets and wires of Damon metal braces are noticeable but much less than traditional braces. Younger patients love the fact that they can choose their braces color and this is a big deal to them! Damon clear braces look just like metal ones, except they tone down the braces look. It makes it harder for people to notice you wearing braces unless they are fairly close. Clear aligner trays such as Invisalign or Invisalign Teen are even less noticeable. In fact, most people may not even notice you wearing them altogether!

The Logistics: Effectiveness, Treatment Time, and Appointments

Both Damon metal braces and Damon clear braces are respectively effective, especially when it comes to advanced bite correction success. Damon braces are also known for developing a full, broad smile which Invisalign doesn’t do effectively. Treatment time is about 20 months.

Invisalign is not just for minor crowding. We can do some amazing things with Invisalign. Treatment with aligners usually lasts less than a year, but that is also dependent on each specific case.

Appointments are every 6-8 weeks during your treatment time with braces. Treatment with Invisalign only requires appointments every eight weeks to monitor your progress and replace your sets of trays.

Nutrition and Oral Hygiene

The same food restrictions apply to both metal and clear braces. You should avoid eating sticky or chewy foods, as they tend to pull on the wires or perhaps cause a bracket to snap off a tooth. However, using clear aligners allows you the freedom to eat as you please because you need to remove the trays in order to eat.

To fully evaluate your full range of options for orthodontic treatment, please stop by our office for a free consultation. We’ll happily recommend the best treatment plan tailored specifically for your smile and unique lifestyle.

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