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Apply for a Career at Jennings Orthodontics

Be a part of the most exciting Orthodontic practice in Houston!  To get started, please complete the information below and be sure to attach your personal video introduction as well.  Upon review of your information, we may ask you to stop by for an in-person interview.

Scheduling Coordinator

The Scheduling Coordinator’s primary job is to sweep patients off their feet the moment they walk through the door and managing the appointment schedule throughout the day.

The Scheduling Coordinator, with excellent verbal skills and body language will communicate both in person and via telephone how our office is about taking care of people by demonstrating excellent customer service, a clean reception area and sincere environment. Must be able to manage multiple duties while creating a fun, exciting, and professional environment.

Outcomes required of the Scheduling Coordinator:

  1. The first impression of the office; be amazing from the first phone call to meeting them face-to-face.
  2. Delivering highest level of customer service; must be on their “A-game” each day to exceed patient’s expectations (high energy, well rested & focused)
  3. Dependable: must be counted on to be at work each day. This includes times when you are tired or feel under the weather. The rest of the team depends on you to help us run as a well-oiled machine.
  4. Answering and fielding patient phone calls with excellent verbal skills and a “smiling voice”. You want the person on the other end of the phone to envision you smiling.
  5. Must be able to multitask multiple tasks at one time i.e. answering phone while also smiling at the patient in front of you that needs an appointment.
  6. Make certain that all patients have their next appointment scheduled prior to leaving the office. This is very important for observation patients because they may not be seen again for 9 months. Observation patients are the practice’s lifeblood!
  7. Checking and answering office emails daily.
  8. Must be able to help patients with their financial account if questions arise, posting payments.

Jennings Orthodontics Core Values

  1. Positive attitude: We will commit to staying positive, being enthusiastic, and improving our culture. Your attitude defines whether you’ll have a good day or not and others will feed off this whether positive or negative.
  2. Integrity: We will deliver on our word to ourselves, to our team, and to our patients.“You can count on me!”
  3. Excellence: We will pride ourselves in excellence in every step, big or small, by delivering “Wow” and creating a personalized experience for every patient.
  4. Responsibility: We will take ownership for our actions without blaming others. We won’t use words like “try, can’t or because”. We will be able to give and receive constructive feedback without making things personal.
  5. Loyalty: We will commit to building trust, loyalty, and respect between team members. If there is a concern, you will discuss with team member in person and not behind their back.
  6. Growth: We will commit to grow personally and as a team. We will commit to an environment of change which requires constant improvement, staying focused, and expanding knowledge.