Your First Visit

I’m ready to get this show on the road. What’s first?

The exam is no charge. Give us a call or use our web request if after hours. After we get some basic information, we will send you a link where we ask that you fill out our online forms prior to your appointment. This will make your visit very efficient as well as let us check your insurance coverage prior to your arrival.

What will happen at my first exam?

First off this will be the easiest doctor’s appointment you will ever have in your life. Sometimes your child’s friends will get in their head about what will happen. I’ve heard it all: “Do you pull teeth?” “Are you getting molds today?” Even “Do I have to pull my pants down and get a shot in my butt?” Yes, that seriously happened! It is going to be fun!

After you check in at the front desk, let the kids play Ms Pacman or any of the 400+ games we have. Parents, pick out what type of coffee you like. Watch an old concert on one TV or the news on another. Enjoy it because the wait time is little to none.

Once you are called back, our treatment coordinator, Kelly, will make sure that we are addressing your chief concerns. Dr. Jennings will come in and meet everyone and then examine the patient. You will find out everything that is going on and whether anything is needed at this time. You can ask Dr. Jennings any questions that you have. If Dr. Jennings feels that a X-ray is needed, there is no charge for that either.

If treatment is recommended, Kelly will tell you everything you need to know regarding the finances including insurance coverage and custom payment options. If the schedule allows, we may be able to start treatment that day. Or you may want to discuss the treatment with your spouse. No biggie! You will never be pressured in our office.

If treatment is not recommended at this time, we will schedule a follow up appointment in the future. It will also be a no-charge appointment just like today. These follow up appointments are critical so that Dr. Jennings can catch problems if they occur. Dr. Jennings will continue to check them until the time is right for treatment.

In summary, you will find out everything you need to know orthodontically, cost if treatment is needed and best of all it’s all complimentary!

So, don’t delay getting the best smile of your life. Schedule your first appointment today!

Getting Started with Braces at Jennings Orthodontics Houston