Orthodontic Cost

We offer the most flexible orthodontic payment plans in Houston!

Orthodontic Cost varies depending on your individual treatment plan that is determined after an examination, x-rays, and other diagnostic procedures. We provide all the information you need to make the best choice for you and your smile. We will work with you to create a payment plan that fits your budget and one that puts you in control. I dare say we provide the most flexible payment options in all of Houston.

Treatment Philosophy

I know there are multiple opinions out there, and one opinion doesn’t necessarily make one right and the other wrong. I ideally like to first see kids around age 7 or 8. Why? This is to identify the “train wrecks” as I call them. I’m not a big fan of placing braces on 2nd graders. I’d ideally wait until all permanent teeth are in and fix everything once versus two Phase treatment. Does that make me right? Nope, just my opinion. Does that mean you should wait until 12 to see an orthodontist? Absolutely not! That could be a disaster, and I have seen it many times. Remember when I said I want to identify the “train wrecks” early? There are certain things that are easy to do at that age that aren’t an option later, and a lot of times it doesn’t even involve me. Exams are complementary so you have nothing to lose even if you’re seeking a 2nd opinion.

We Accept Insurance

If you have insurance that covers any portion of your orthodontic treatment, we will gladly file your insurance as an added bonus to you!

Orthodontic Cost Houston

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