Important Updates

Read Dr. Jennings Instructions for At Home Care, Scheduling and More…


We are not rescheduling patients right now.  We are keeping current appointments on the books so that we have a priority list to work with when we get back.  Please hold off on calling or emailing to reschedule your appointment for now.  The Governor’s dates to open have changed 3x already.

Rubber bands

I will be taping envelopes of rubber bands outside the Memorial office door.  If you run out, come get one I have cameras, and I will nail you to the wall if you steal all of them!

Braces/Invisalign removal

I hate that you guys are getting burned here.  Here is what I want you to do.  Invisalign patients on their last aligner: wear them only at night to hold what you have.  Do NOT stop wearing them or your teeth will shift.  Braces patients: Please, especially now, don’t eat hard stuff and break a bracket because your teeth may shift.  I likely won’t be able to rebond a broken bracket (see emergencies below).  If you were wearing rubber bands, wear them only at night to hold what you have.


You may call my ER phone at 281-961-2088 if you’re having pain.  For broken brackets there is an excellent chance that I won’t be able to rebond your bracket because we cannot use our drills to remove the old glue because it creates an aerosol.  Please be a good little patient and avoid breaking your brackets!

Retainer checks

We are pushing these out to the Fall to help open spots when we open back up.  Of course, if you are having a problem we can see you, but please make sure the problem isn’t from a lack of wearing your retainer.

Braces patients

Rest assured that your braces are still active and that you are still progressing through treatment.  Even missing 8 weeks will not have much effect on the progress of most patients.

Invisalign patients

If you are near the end of your aligners, slow down on changing them out.  We need to make them last.  If you are on your last aligner, only wear it at night to hold what you have and guard it with your life!  If you still have a few aligners left, I would recommend spreading them out longer instead of the normal 1 week change.  Most importantly, don’t stop wearing your aligners completely because your teeth will shift.

Those scheduled to start treatment

If you were set up to get your Invisalign aligners or braces, we will get you in as soon as we can.  I am still treatment planning patients from home.

New patients

I can’t wait to meet you and promise we will get you in as soon as possible so you can experience the awesomeness of our office!

Growth & Development checks

I think for most kids that aren’t ready for treatment just yet, it would be fine to push their check out to the fall.

Cracked/lost retainer

If it’s cracked, continue to wear at night to hold.  If you lost your retainer: Having your 3D printed model will make this process a lot easier.  Simply wrap the model in a paper towel and place in a zip lock bag with your name & number on the outside and drop it in our mailslot at the Memorial office.  Broken permanent retainers: If you have a removable clear retainer that fits over the permanent wire, wear that.  If it’s completely out with no removable back up, hold on to the permanent retainer and buy a boil mouthpiece from Academy to hold what you have for now.


Once you have completed your turns, hold off on turning further unless instructed by Dr. Jennings.  He may be contacting your remotely or via email to check progress.

Reopening Update

Howdy Jennings Orthodontics peeps!

I beg of you to read this in its entirety.  There will be tons of important information to help make our reopening run much smoother.  The day we’ve all been waiting for will be here next Monday May 4.  We will open at 9:00 am. I have enacted recommendations from the CDC and Texas Dental Association that will adjust how appointments work.


  • It is of CRITICAL IMPORTANCE that you DO NOT MISS, ARRIVE LATE OR CANCEL WITHOUT GIVING A 48 HR NOTICE for your appointment.  We have 7 weeks of appointments to reschedule with no room for error.  It could be 8+ weeks before you get another one.
  • If you already have an appointment on May 4 and thereafter, you still have that appointment.
  • We will call you to reschedule your appointment and will start calling patients today.  This will hopefully prevent approximately 1000 calls from coming in at 9:00 Monday.  We are prioritizing from the first day of closure and moving forward.  This is the only fair way to do this.

DAY OF YOUR APPOINTMENT:  Please arrive 10 minutes early

Please be sure to do the following before you leave home:

  • New patients: Please fill out your online forms at home prior to getting to the office.  This allows us to verify insurance before you arrive and to minimize contact on computer keyboards.
  • Please bring your cell phone
  • Please brush your teeth at home.  Our brushing station will be closed
  • Please bring your own mask to your appointment.  If we have to look ridiculous, so do you!  We also don’t have enough extra supplies to give them out.
  • Consider leaving siblings at home if possible as we are requesting that other family members remain in car.

When you arrive at the office:

  • Please stay in your car.  You will see instructions to text us when you arrive.  We’re fancy!
  • We will text you a short health form to fill out.  After we receive it, we will come to your car to get the temperature of the patient.
  • We are only allowing patients into the office to reduce the amount of people in the waiting and treatment areas.  Exceptions are new patient exams for a child where a parent is allowed.  We will update you on your child’s appointment.
  • We will escort the patient into the office with their mask on and have them wash their hands as soon as they enter the office.
  • If you are getting your braces or Invisalign off, I am planning to use hand instruments to remove glue instead of using our handpiece to reduce aerosol production.  You’ve heard me say before that orthodontists rarely need to use a drill.  You may feel some areas where small bits of glue may still exist.  We’ll polish this out at a future appointment.

Thank you!
Dr. Brad Jennings

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