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Choosing an Orthodontist for yourself or a child is an important decision. That’s why at Jennings Orthodontics, we strive to offer the latest orthodontic treatment options in a relax and rock-friendly environment. Plus, we provide the most flexible orthodontic financing options in Houston where you’re in control of your payments.

So go ahead, browse our website and learn more about our practice. When you’re ready to start treatment, call or request your appointment online. We look forward to making your orthodontic journey fun and enjoyable!

Dr. Jennings on Invisalign!

Dr. Brad Jennings discusses the cost of Invisalign® treatment. The truth is that Invisalign treatment costs around the same as traditional metal braces. Patients experience minimal discomfort, no broken brackets or wires, and no change in diet or bushing – all for close to the same prices as traditional braces.

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Featured Smile of the Month on Invisalign Website!

One of Dr. Jenning’s patients was recently featured as the “Smile of The Month” by Invisalign. We are among a few offices that can correct many challenging orthodontic cases with Invisalign alone.  If your doctor has recommended braces and you want Invisalign, come see us.

Meet Brad Jennings, your Houston Orthodontist

Dr. Brad Jennings – Your Houston Orthodontist

I have been in private practice as a board certified orthodontist in Houston since 2004. I attended Ole Miss for undergrad and then attended the University of Tennessee for dental school and residency. Read more

Houston Orthodontic Treatment Options

Orthodontic Treatments

Deciding to get your teeth straightened is a huge decision, however, the rewards remain your entire life. That is why we use Damon, Damon Clear, Invisalign, and Invisalign Teen exclusively.

Orthodontist for children in Houston

Your first visit

Your first visit will be your easiest doctor’s appointment ever! Dr. Jennings will perform a thorough exam and provide you with the best and most affordable treatment plan in Houston. Read more

The Coolest Orthodontic Experience!

Dr. Jennings was recently featured by the band KISS for his collection of memorabilia related to the band. As a patient, you can look forward to seeing lots of cool rock n’roll memorabilia from some of your favorite bands.

Top Houston Invisalign Provider - Brad Jennings

Dr. Jennings is an Invisalign Platinum Plus provider. This means that he has treated hundreds of challenging cases using Invisalign and Invisalign Teen clear aligner system.

Patients love coming to Jennings Orthodontics!

WE have enjoyed the care & the staff at Dr. Jennings office! Dr. Jennings was kind enough to listen to my daughter by removing her braces in time for a school performance. They instructed her on the importance of really staying on top of her own care with her braces. It was a win-win situation where your teen learned to take good care of her dental work and then have the reward to have them come off in time for the performances. It's great to have a doctor listen and care so much for the patient and a beautiful smile! Thank you Dr. Jennings & staff!read more
Kristi Gallo
Kristi Gallo
23:09 13 Jul 17
We absolutely love Jennings Orthodontics. Both my boys come here and their smiles are perfect. He fixed my oldest sons teeth aged already having braces from another ortho. His teeth had moved. He's a perfectionist, and he creates beautiful smiles. His office is so fun and the kids love it. Everyone in there is amazing and I would recommend this office to more
Collyne Smeraldi Roe
Collyne Smeraldi Roe
19:36 05 Jun 17
This has got to be the coolest orthodontist ever! The staff is wonderful and Dr. Brad gave my son a perfect smile. I highly recommend Jennings Orthodontics to my family, friends and coworkers and anyone else needing to perfect their more
Cassandra Robertson
Cassandra Robertson
12:23 01 Aug 17
Dr. Jennings helped me get the perfect smile. I liked his waiting room, the rock n roll memorabilia as well as the care I received from Dr. Jennings. He helped me 'rock' my smile. I recommend Dr. Jennings!read more
John Kinney
John Kinney
20:17 19 Jul 17
I can't say enough good things about Jennings Orthodontics! Both of my girls have had braces put on by Dr. Jennings and we have had a very pleasant experience both times. From ease of scheduling, with offices in Katy and Memorial area, to billing and the friendliness of the staff, everything has been top notch. I would highly recommend Jennings Orthodontics!read more
Alisha Moore
Alisha Moore
20:41 15 May 17
The staff here is exceptional! The appointments are very easy to get in, Dr. Jennings always listens to any concerns and immediately addresses any questions you have. Good to see Sue's smiling face back! 😁 Iris was great! Very quick and efficient. I've been going here two years and have nothing but amazing things to say about this entire staff and the doc. Definitely setting the standard!read more
Leia England
Leia England
16:30 13 Feb 18
The whole Team is very caring and friendly while also paying close attention to detail. I enjoyed every visit to Jennings Orthodontics.
21:22 13 Feb 18
Super cool staff and always awesome service! I have the choice to play Pac-Man or rock out on a Marshall half stack with my orthodontist while I wait! This place always puts a smile on my (now) straight teeth!!read more
Lucas Lottinger
Lucas Lottinger
14:29 14 Feb 18
Great experience! Fantastic staff & DrHighly recommend them!!
EliZABETH Lottinger
EliZABETH Lottinger
14:37 14 Feb 18
The staff is incredibly friendly and informative! And the appointments are on time.
Bhavna Thaker
Bhavna Thaker
18:42 15 Feb 18
Wonderful Staff. The whole office was so nice and so professional. It could not have been a better visit for us and our daughter. She is looking forward to getting her Invisalign soon!
Michelle Foteh
Michelle Foteh
01:47 01 Mar 18
They’re thorough, welcoming, and great at what they do. They all have a very positive atmosphere about them.
Edith Martinez
Edith Martinez
20:03 08 Mar 18
The best part about it was definitely the atmosphere of the place. Great music, videos, and music memorabilia to check out. Dr. Jennings and his entire team were also a pleasure to deal with. Appointments always started on time and employees were as helpful as can be. I would definitely recommend Dr. Jennings to everyone I more
Rob Young
Rob Young
14:30 22 Mar 18
Great experience with braces for my son. Office staff is great plus always on time appointments! Two thumbs up for Jennings Orthodintics.
Maria Schick
Maria Schick
15:08 27 Mar 18
Fabulous care of daughters (yes, all 3!)Transparent , clear communication on planFun environment Engaged helpful team
Katherine Murray
Katherine Murray
02:11 28 Mar 18
I love this place. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to ALL family & friends!
Jlysa Baker
Jlysa Baker
15:08 17 May 18
Dr. Jennings and his staff are the best. They're all very welcoming and their practice is awesome...for sure the best in town. Appointments are easy to get in both locations Houston/Fullshear and both offices are amazing. My kids love to go to the orthodontist. They have fun from beginning to end. They make sure we arrive early so that they can play pac-man while I get a treat from their well supplied coffee/tea/water bar. We have completed 3 treatments with Dr. Jennings. Some he took over when we moved back from overseas, some he started from the beginning and I can tell you that all my children's teeth look great. I love that Dr. Jennings will do the very best for each one of them. I trust him and know he'll choose the best treatment for them and for our budget. As an example, we completed fase 1 with one child and when evaluating to start fase 2, he told us that we didn't really needed it because it all looked great. I thank him for not only being the coolest orthodontist on earth but for being the most honest I've ever met.Dr. Jennings cares about his patients. He supported my son's orchestra and our neighborhood's swim more
Maru Corrales de Lara
Maru Corrales de Lara
11:09 29 May 18
Efficient appointments, friendly staff, great looking teeth. Always able to work us in for last minute needs. My daughter loved Diana the best. She is excellent!
Emily Manuel
Emily Manuel
16:12 20 Jun 18

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Totally stoked about the new “toothpaste spit height” record set this week at the brushing station. Official measurement was 30.5”. Just imagine how much skill went into getting the height without going past the mirror frame. This shows outstanding marksmanship! Well done!!🤘🎸🤘🎸 ... See MoreSee Less

Totally stoked about the new “toothpaste spit height” record set this week at the brushing station. Official measurement was 30.5”.  Just imagine how much skill went into getting the height without going past the mirror frame. This shows outstanding marksmanship!  Well done!!🤘🎸🤘🎸


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Jennings Orthodontics

With Kramer under the table and Newman and Rudy covering the flank, this pizza doesn’t have a chance! In the 2nd pic, Rudy is looking down bc he got busted while I tried to take a pic. As I’m typing this, Rudy swept in and got it🤦‍♂️ @ Memorial, Houston ... See MoreSee Less

With Kramer under the table and Newman and Rudy covering the flank, this pizza doesn’t have a chance!  In the 2nd pic, Rudy is looking down bc he got busted while I tried to take a pic. As I’m typing this, Rudy swept in and got it🤦‍♂️ @ Memorial, HoustonImage attachmentImage attachment


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I’m just going to let you know right now that you’re about see easily one of the craziest things in your life. Jimmy Fallon ShowDavid Blaine sews his lips together for an insane magic trick that shocks Jimmy Fallon, Priyanka Chopra and The Roots. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Star... ... See MoreSee Less

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With Invisalign, Dr. Jennings can treat your child in nearly half the time as braces, there is less discomfort and kids can eat what they want. Best of all, at Jennings Orthodontics, Invisalign doesn't cost more! Make the choice and visit us today! Consultations are complimentary. ... See MoreSee Less


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Dr. Jennings is the best! My son had Invisalign for 9 months vs 2 years for traditional braces. Great experience and results. Not to mention his office is super cool!

Brad Jennings, Rockstar!

Wow Mom Anna Zepeda Henry where was this when I had braces for 3 years

Cole Henry, where was it when I had braces? Let’s just go tour the new office!

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