Activating Jennings’ Army….

My family came home to this after spending some innocent, family time at our Chick-fil-A friend’s house last night (visit them BTW on Dairy Ashford!!).  These perpetrators even mocked my Arlo security cams!! How disgusting is that?  I am hereby sending out an Emergency Action Message to activate the Jennings’ Army of 1000s of kids in the Memorial area, especially the devious ones…I know who you are!  How does the saying go?…You mess with the bull, you get the horns?  You mess with Dr J, you get a nuclear missile!!  Just ask my friends at Ole Miss or dental school on how I was when it comes to revenge pranks.  I wasn’t pranked a 2nd time.

My elite team of white-paper craftsmen will be armed with the cheapest, commercial-grade toilet paper available.  Yea, you heard me right, Sams Club.  We are going to hit them so hard that they won’t be able to say “Charmin extra soft” for months.  And when I’m asked, “Dr. Jennings, don’t you think they’ve had enough?”  I’ll reply in the great words of Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars:  “Fork the yard.  Do it!”  (I’m meaning to place forks in their yard, not a play on puns here, just FYI).

I am contemplating a free retainer and a Chick-fil-a post party as compensation for your mercenary action.

Emperor Brad1

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