Invisalign Teen® Benefits

Most teens in Houston and pretty much everywhere else, know how straightening teeth can make their smile more attractive.  But most teens might not really understand how the Invisalign teen treatment works.   If you love to hang out with friends, don’t want to watch what you eat, worry about how you look, or worry about wearing braces, Invisalign Teen has various benefits over regular braces that can make your orthodontic treatment easier.

People won’t know that you’re wearing it.

Invisalign Teen uses clear trays that are almost impossible for other people to see.  The only people who will know that you are getting your teeth straightened will be your family and any of your friends you decide to tell.  You won’t have to deal with anyone making nicknames for wearing braces because they won’t even know that you’re correcting your smile.

You can eat what you want

With Invisalign Teen you don’t have to watch what types of food you eat and worry about it getting stuck between your braces.  All you have to do is remove your aligners every time you eat and just eat like normal.  Unlike having braces you can eat all of these foods without dealing with the hassle of cleaning it up later:

  • Popcorn
  • Trail Mix
  • Chicken Wings and Ribs
  • Peanut Butter Sandwiches
  • Hard/Chewy Candy

Easier To maintain oral hygiene

It would be a shame if you went through all that time to straighten your teeth and then find that you developed tooth decay while wearing braces.   Well with Invisalign Teen it is so much easier to brush and floss your teeth and keep them free from tooth decay or any other diseases.

Getting your teeth straightened can be a huge boost of confidence in the long run.  With Invisalign Teen you can wear these clear aligners every day without people knowing that you are straightening your teeth, and it won’t cause a problem with your diet or dental hygiene.

Houston Orthodontist Dr. Brad Jennings is a specialist in Invisalign. He has performed hundreds of successful Invisalign cases for teens and adults. If you’re interested in learning how Invisalign Teen can help straighten your smile, give us a call at 281-497-7920 or visit

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