Is This The Year For Invisalign? Get Ready for a New You!

When you made your New Year’s Resolutions, did your list include creating a beautiful smile? If so, don’t feel bad. By the time February hits, most people have let their resolutions fall by the wayside. Instead of feeling guilty about breaking your resolutions, get back on track by exploring new ways to improve your smile. After all, renewing your resolutions is as simple as making your first appointment with Jennings Orthodontics in Houston who can offer you the smile you’ve always wanted.

Think for just a minute about why you might have slacked off on your goals. Were you worried about wearing braces for years? Or perhaps you just couldn’t picture yourself smiling in front of your friends with a mouth full of metal. If so, these fears are understandable but completely unnecessary. If you choose Houston Invisalign, then your treatment will literally be invisible!  Invisalign is discreet, and it won’t interfere with eating, dating and even presenting at that critical work meeting. If you’ve been slowly creeping by while dealing with the awkwardness of not loving your smile, then here are just a few motivators to revive your interest in following through on your self-improvement plan.

  • Smile With Confidence-Whether you have been avoiding posting that selfie or tend to hang back when people start clicking away, avoiding the camera flash means that you are missing out on valuable opportunities for building memories. After orthodontic treatment, however, you can flash those pearly whites with full confidence that you will love what you see later.
  • Improved Oral Health-Most people just think about aesthetics when it comes to their smile, but at Jennings Orthodontics, we believe that straightening your teeth leads to better oral health. Crooked teeth are harder to brush and floss, which leads to an increased risk for gum disease and cavities. Fresh breath is just another awesome reason to consider revisiting that resolution to get some aligners.
  • Less Pain and Discomfort-Teeth that do not fit together properly can affect your ability to chew and rest your jaw properly. Over time, this can lead to bigger issues such as TMJ issues or nighttime tooth grinding. Some people even chew on only one side of their mouth, which places those teeth at greater risk for wear and tear that leads to fractures. If you have been worried about the discomfort associated with orthodontic treatment, then it is reassuring to know that the latest techniques used by Dr. Jennings, involve minimal discomfort.
  • Happier Social Life-It may be superficial, but it’s human nature. When you are not happy about your appearance, you may feel more anxiety in social situations. Trying to hide your smile during dates or presentations makes you look less confident, and everyone is attracted to people who smile. After your orthodontic treatment, you will be ready to show your smile off, and you can look forward to making new friends.

Why Invisalign?

Clear plastic aligners offer the ultimate solution for many of the reasons why you may have reservations about straightening your teeth. Compared to traditional braces, they tend to be more comfortable and less invasive than metal wires and brackets. Dr. Jennings can also let you know what to expect by using a computerized rendering of your mouth to create an image of the potential final results. All in all, the time clock is still on for 2017. So make this your best year ever, and schedule your appointment to get a Rockin’ new smile!

To make an appointment, visit Jennings Orthodontics Houston, or call 281-497-7920

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