Handling Orthodontic Emergencies from Home

It is uncommon for a person who is wearing braces to experience an orthodontic emergency. However, we are here to help if you do face one. You can feel a sense of relief, though, knowing that the majority of orthodontic problems that you may experience or that your children may experience can be managed using the tools we provide in the kits given to those who receive orthodontic care in our office.

Common Orthodontic Emergencies

We will provide you with information on the most common orthodontic emergencies that are experienced by those who wear braces and when it is necessary for you to schedule an appointment to have your orthodontic appliance examined and repaired.

Following the instructions provided by Dr. Jennings on how to care for orthodontic appliances is one of the best ways to prevent orthodontic emergencies. Also, using a mouth guard when playing sports or engaging in physical activities will prevent minor and major orthodontic issues.

A Feeling of General Soreness

While it is uncomfortable, dealing with general soreness or tenderness is a common part of using an orthodontic appliance. You may feel tenderness when chewing or soreness in your entire mouth. There may also be irritation in your tongue, cheeks, or lips because they have not become accustomed to the surface of orthodontic appliances.

If this irritation persists for more than five days, contact us to schedule an appointment. Until then, use over-the-counter pain relievers. Also, make a warm salt water mouthwash and use it regularly to alleviate discomfort.

Poking Wire

There are two options for dealing with a poking wire. First, you can place wax on it. This may be all that is needed. Second, you can use a pencil eraser to adjust the wire. Slightly bending it or moving it may make the irritation disappear. If these things do not work, schedule an appointment to have the wire examined.

Loose Wire

You will need to contact us to schedule an appointment if you have a loose wire. Until you are able to visit our office, putting wax over it may be helpful. It may be possible to use tweezers to get the wire back in place. Or you may be able to clip the wire, depending on its location. After clipping it, put wax on it. We will provide further instructions after you contact us.

Loose Appliance

Wax is a good solution when it comes to dealing with an appliance that is poking you. Contact us to schedule an appointment. Continue to use wax until you are able to come into the office for an examination.

Loose Bracket

If you are dealing with a loose bracket that is attached to the wire, do not remove it. Put wax over it. If the wire is detached, put the bracket in a clean tissue. Contact our office, and we will schedule an appointment for you.

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