Five Ways Braces Encourage Healthy Development

Orthodontic treatment is very important for your child’s health development, self-esteem and oral health. Having an attractive smile and good oral health can help your life in a positive way. These days, doctors recommend that children get their first orthodontic consultation by the time they are seven years old. Having an early consultation with us can help you with a number of benefits instead of waiting until the teenage years.

  1. Braces can help improve your child’s self-esteem. The earlier you start with your treatment with braces the faster you can get your braces off. Children who have had early orthodontic work may not need to wear braces for as long throughout their teenage years.
  2. Early Correction can have an effect on jaw development throughout critical years, which result in better facial development, less speech defects, and improvement in your child’s appearance.
  3. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean compared to crowded, crooked, teeth. Having straighter teeth can help reduce the potential development of tooth decay and gum diseases. If your child ever needs crowns or fillings later on in life, it is way easier for dentist to work on straight teeth.
  4. Straight teeth are more efficient when your child eats a meal; Children with crooked or poorly placed teeth can end up with digestive problems and reduced nutrient absorption. This can have a negative impact on your child’s mental and physical development. Kids who have gotten corrective treatment are also not as likely to develop bad oral habits.
  5. Protruding front teeth are more likely to injury. Having corrective work done early can reduce the risk of your child needing surgery or extraction of teeth later on, and also reduces the risk of impacted wisdom teeth.

Studies show that at least 1/3 of children can benefit from some type of orthodontic correction. During your child’s consultation you may find out that he/she may not even need work at all, and in the event that they do, we will be happy to help give them the smile they deserve.

If you have more questions about orthodontic treatment, please contact the office of Dr. Brad Jennings. Dr. Jennings is a board certified Houston Orthodontist specializing in treating children and adults with the latest Damon braces and Invisalign. Call us today at 281-497-7920.

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